Sites pertaining to aliens and UFOs (unidentified flying objects)

If you have a personally-owned (not company) site that does not pertain to any specific field of UFO research, please submit it to the Personal Pages subcategory instead.

If you would like to submit your website as a reference in the directory please make sure it is online and able to be reached with the correct url.

Please make sure your website has SOME content. The purpose of this directory is to provide research to the end user. Do NOT suggest your site more than once. This includes multiple pages from your site. Please, take a moment and make sure your website properly fits the Society/Paranormal/ and associated subcategory properly in the directory. Thank you.

Sites pertaining to the experiences of people who claim to have been abducted by aliens. Also general sites about alien abduction.
Sites belonging to people who believe they have made contact with alien races.
The Ancient Astronaut Theory: the idea that extraterrestrials visited Earth in ancient times, influenced ancient cultures in many ways, and departed, i.e. the themes of authors Erich von Daniken, Zecharia Sitchin, Maurice Chatelain, John Michell, R.L.Dione, John Cohane, etc. The theory is based on ancient religious and secular literature and ancient megalithic construction and ground drawings around the world.
Please submit only sites dealing with the Ancient Astronaut Theory. This is not the appropriate category for sites dealing with UFOs in modern times (20th century sightings, abductions, Roswell, etc); however sites pertaining to ancient UFOs could be submitted to this category, e.g. UFO reports in the ancient sectarian and secular literature.

Also appropriate here are sites addressing the nature of the "gods", their activities on Earth, and archeological sites if related to these ancient astronauts.

Sites pertaining to the secretive "Area 51" installation in Nevada.
For sites containing information on UFOs as related to the Bible or Biblical-era timeline. This includes both canonical and noncanonical material such as the Book of Enoch.
This category is not for attempts to proselytize or to denigrate other religions. Sites must focus on terms used today as compared to Biblical times or the Bible itself.

Presenting an argument that aliens are fallen angels and herald the coming of the antichrist is fine. Adding in a wish to have Jesus save anyone involved is not. Please stick to the category description or submit your site to Opposing Views.

E-mail lists and web forums devoted to UFOs and aliens. Especially places where people may submit personal stories and experiences for others.
This category provides links to sites with information about UFO conspiracies. These could be relating to the Government or any other organization.
Please make sure that the sites that you submit to this category pertain only to UFO and alien-related conspiracies, not any other kind of conspiracy. Conspiracy sites that are unrelated to UFOs belong in the Society/Issues/Conspiracy category.
Contains web sites that focus mainly on UFOs and UFO related topics.
This category focuses mainly on UFOs and UFO related topics. If your web site contains a broader spectrum of paranormal content, then please submit it to Society/Paranormal/Directories Thank you.
UFO Sites with news articles, e-zines, magazines, newsletters or other forms of media such as radio shows.
Organizations related to the study of UFOs. Also sites that deal with regional UFO sightings.
A category for sites related to researchers, skeptics, witnesses, proponents, and implicated parties in the field of UFOs. This tends to overlap other paranormal categories in many cases, since UFO believers often believe in paranormal topics, debunkers often debunk other things, etc. In general, if the person is significantly involved in UFOs, a link or symbolic link here is appropriate. People who channel aliens, etc., probably are not.
Sites owned by individuals that pertain to UFOs but to no specific aspect of the phenomenon, UFO fan pages.
Sites containing photos of UFOs as their main content.
This site is only for sites that pertain exclusively to collections of UFO pictures.
UFO reports and sightings. Sites can contain other information, but should primarily be sightings based.
Be sure your site would not be better in: