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Acacia is an international men's fraternity that was founded on May 12, 1904 at the University of Michigan as a fraternity for Masons. Although its membership is now open to anyone, each chapter still maintains strong ties with the local Mason chapter. Acacia is unique as it is the only international greek fraternity that has chosen a greek word for its name rather than a combination of greek letters. Acacia is from the greek word "akakia," meaning "everlasting."
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Alpha Chi Omega is a national women's organization founded at DePauw University in 1885. The women's organization has over 170,000 members located throughout the world. There are 132 collegiate chapters on college and university campuses throughout the United States and near by, 200 alumnae chapters.
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The Alpha Delta Phi fraternity was founded in January of 1832 at Hamilton College in Clinton, New York.

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Title: Alpha Beta Gamma - Union College - Delta Chapter
Description: In Schenectedy, NY. Chapter history, news, calendar of events, and a virtual tour of the chapter house.

Part of the Alpha Delta Phi International, Inc., sharing the heritage, traditions, and history of the Alpha Delta Phi which dates back to 1832. In 1992 the Alpha Delta Phi divided into two separate and self-governing organizations: the Alpha Delta Phi Fraternity with twenty-eight chapters and the Alpha Delta Phi Society with six chapters. The basic difference between the two organizations is that the Society has a "home rule" membership policy that welcomes co-educational chapters, while the Fraternity's constitution limits membership to males.

Alpha Delta Pi is the first secret society for women, founded in 1851.
Alpha Gamma Delta is an International Women's Fraternity (more commonly referred to as a sorority) founded in 1904, dedicated to academic excellence, leadership development, high ideals and sisterhood. Alpha Gamma Delta is a member organization of the National Panhellenic Council, an umbrella organization of 25 other women's fraternities/sororities.
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Chapters of Alpha Omega Alpha Sorority.
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Women's fraternity founded in 1872 at Syracuse University.
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