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Please only submit web sites that would be of use to non-profit organizations and the people who work for non-profits. Do not submit actual websites of non-profit agencies or organizations to this category.

If you would like to submit a nonprofit site, please try one of the categories located here: or here:

Please note that not following these submission instructions could cause the listing of your site in the Open Directory Project to be seriously delayed.

This category contains links to resources of interest and use to nonprofit organizations and the professionals who work in nonprofits.
Please only submit sites for professional firms that offer executive search services to the not-for-profit community. Any sites that are for job postings or employment opportunities in the not-for-profit sector should be listed under "Society: Organizations: Nonprofit Resources: Employment: Job Search."
This category contains sites dealing with Employment in Nonprofit Organizations.

Includes sites that relate to fundraising efforts by schools, churches, nonprofits and other organizations. This includes: products for re-sale, fundraising associations, capital campaign consultants, special events & event planning, record keeping & donor management software, non-commercial activities, recycling, and phone & Internet services that offer fundraising options.

Your site may fit multiple fundraising categories. Please make sure you select the best one to keep from delaying its inclusion in the directory.

Please do not submit your site here because it will - at a minimum - delay inclusion into the Directory. Please submit to the category closest to your mission - religion, environment, health, etc. The same is true for your fundraisers. They should be submitted to the same category as your primary site.

Please submit your sites to: Society/People/Requesting_Help
Includes sites that relate to fundraising efforts by schools, churches, nonprofits and other organizations.
Find links to resources for nonprofit managers.
Research being carried out into non-profits and their activities.
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