Lineage societies are those founded by, and for the descendants of, noted ancestors who were primarily engaged in a historic event - such as a war or battle, the birth of a new state, country, or town, an immigration, or any other event that is heralded in the history books. The Society causes can be philanthropic, historical, genealogical, or educational; however, their objectives are generally to foster the memory and ideals of their ancestors for which the Society was founded. Historically, membership in a lineage society is limited to those of lineal blood descent to an ancestor acceptable to the Society. Membership in a Clan is offered to those bearing the same blood name as the clan or that of an accepted Sept; or those who have a proven ancestor who bore the clan name.
This category is open to all sites hosting, promoting, fostering, or offering information on Lineage Societies.
This category is comprised of lineage societies whose membership requirements are based upon descendancy to an ancestor who was directly connected to any of the American wars or conflicts, including the Revolutionary War and the Civil War.
Open to NSDAR Regional Districts, State Societies, and related national sites. Local Chapters are asked to submit their site to the Regional categories under the appropriate city and/or county.
This category is comprised of lineage societies whose membership is based upon descendancy back to a colonial ancestor who arrived in one of the thirteen original American colonies prior to the American Revolution.
Open to all national and state societies for the Daughters of American Colonists.
This category is comprised of national and international societies in which membership is limited to those blood descendants of a particular country or culture, including the Clan Societies. It may also include hybrid societies in which regular membership is restricted to certain nationalities or culture, but where an auxiliary membership is offered to outsiders. It does not, however, include family surname groups or associations.
Open only to the state, national, and international Clan Societies. Local societies are asked to submit their site to the Regional categories.
Comprised of lineage societies whose membership is based upon blood ancestory to individuals who played a role in a significant historical or social event which occurred in any of the countries of Europe up to and including World War II.
This category is host to those lineage societies whose membership is comprised of the descendants of pioneer ancestors to any European or American territory. The Pioneer era in the United States roughly began at the close of the American Revolution in 1783, and ended at the turn of the century in 1900.
Open to all lineage societies whose purpose and membership is based upon descent from ancestors who were either European or American pioneers.