This is for other masonic bodies, which will require that adult male members be masons, adult female members be somehow related to a mason, and that may require children to have parents in one of the above groups, or may be sponsored by a masonic group.
Sites submitted here should not be blue or craft lodge sites.
The Allied Masonic Degree (AMD) Colleges were formed in 1933 in an effort to bring many Masonic Degrees not (or no longer) actively conferred in the US and Canada under the stewardship of one body. These degrees are: Royal Ark Mariner, Secret Monitor, Knight of Constantinople, Saint Lawrence the Martyr, Architect, Superintendent, Grand Tilers of Solomon, Master of Tyre, Excellent Master, Installed Sovereign Master, Installed Commander Noah, Red Branch of Eri and Ye Ancient Order of Corks. Membership is by invitation, and requires membership in Craft and Royal Arch bodies.
The Order of Amaranth is a Masonic-related organization for men and women formed for fraternal, social and charitable purposes. Fraternally, the Order endeavors to develop the moral character of its members through a belief in a Supreme Being and the teachings of the lessons of Truth, Faith, Wisdom and Charity. Each member is taught to care for the welfare of her and his fellow members. The Organization affords its members a social outlet and provides an opportunity to meet together with people with similar interests and fulfill the basic human need for social companionship. Members enjoy planned social events with other members and their guests. For all courts and their members, civic and charitable projects are a main stay of each year's activities. Charity is a guiding principal of the Order. The Order's main charity is the Amaranth Diabetes Foundation. Grand Courts and local courts support many other charities including: Scholarship Funds, Nurses' Training, Care for the Elderly, Soup Kitchens, Ronald McDonald's Houses, Visiting Nurses, and other local community charities.
The Ancient & Accepted (Scottish) Rite, also known as Rose Croix, is nondenominational in the US, but sometimes has Christian requirements in Europe. It confers what is commonly referred to as the 4th through 32nd degrees, as well as the Knight Commander of the Court of Honor (KCCH) and Inspector General Honorary (33rd) degrees.
Cryptic Masonry, or Royal and Select Masters (R&SM) requires members to be Royal Arch Masons. In some parts of the US, membership is a prerequisite for the Knight Templar orders. In the US, it is considered part of the "York Rite", although most other countries do not have this sort of blanket category.
Please submit only sites that deal with Order of the Eastern Star. We accept personal pages with OES content, individual Chapter pages, and Grand Chapter pages. We will also post businesses with OES affiliated merchandise or services. Please include your Chapter and/or State, so that you can be added in the proper place.
This invitational appendant Masonic order is comprised of those who have done outstanding jobs as commanders of Commanderies of Knights Templar.
Masonic body that covers both Craft (Blue) lodges and Order of Eastern Star chapters.
This invitational appendant Masonic order requires potential members to have presided over a Lodge as a Master, over a Chapter as High Priest, over a Council as Illustrious Master, and over a Commandry as Commander.
The Knights Templar (KT) is an organization for Christian Masons based on the historical order founded in the 11th century. Applicants must hold membership in Craft and Royal Arch bodies. This is considered the highest non-invitational body of the orders known collectively in the US as the "York Rite", although most other countries do not have this sort of blanket category.
The Order of Knight Masons is an invitational US body with the purpose of perpetuating traditionally Irish or Celtic "Green" rituals, and confer the following degrees: Knight of the Sword; Knight of the East; and Knight of the East and West. In the US, it is considered part of the "York Rite", although most other countries do not have this sort of blanket category.
Found in English, Scottish and Australian constitutions, Mark Lodges (and Royal Ark Mariner Lodges) are usually independent of the Grand Masonic Lodge, falling under a Grand Mark Lodge - and are not considered part of the "York Rite" except in Scottish constitutions. In the US, the Mark degree is part of the Royal Arch body.
For organizations seeking to support enthusiasts of, or promote, both motorcycling and Freemasonry.
Masonic Motorcycle Club sites only, please.
National Sojourners is open to all Masons who are present or past Warrant or Commissioned Officers in NATO allied armed services. The Sojourners is an American-themed organization, and includes the side order of The Heroes of '76.
This invitational appendant Masonic order is comprised of past and present commanders of Commanderies of Knights Templar.
Comprised of Master Masons and their immediate female relatives, this group tries to exemplify fraternal love.
The Order of the Secret Monitor, or of the Brotherhood of David and Jonathan, is open to all Freemasons and exemplifies and encourages fraternal fidelity and love. It is found largely in Great Britain and Australia.
This appendant order for Masons and their female relatives seeks to promote brotherly love, charity, and truth through the examples of its members.
This invitational appendant Masonic order can only be extended to Royal Arch Masons who are Trinitarian Christians, and is generally a recognition for long years of service to the Craft.
The Royal Arch in the United States includes the degrees of Mark Master, Past Master, Most Excellent Master, and Royal Arch. In the US, it is considered part of the "York Rite", although most other countries do not have this sort of blanket category.
An invitational body for Christian Masons who are have also received the 32nd Degree in the Ancient and Accepted (Scottish) Rite or the Knights Templar degree.
This appendant body is open to all Masons, and promotes friendship and fellowship.
The Shrine is open to all Masons, uses an Arabic theme, has a more festive flavor than most Masonic organizations, and has healthcare for burned and crippled children as its primary charity.
Membership in Societas Rosicruciana, or Masonic Rosicrucian Societies, is by invitation only to Christian Masons. There are an increasing number of independent but cooperative organizations, one each so far in Scotland (Scotia), England (Anglia) the US (Civitatibus Foederatis), France (Gallia), Canada (Canada), and Portugal (Lusitania).
For sites of this appendant order, which has Craft and Royal Arch memberships as prerequisites for membership.
Category for the Grand lodge of All england at York and the various subordinate lodges under its jurisdiction.
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WSJ sites only, please.
York Rite is a term used mostly in the US to include a family of bodies which each require Craft Masonry membership as a prerequisite. These bodies are individually known by the following names, and may not be associated with one another outside of the US: 1. General Membership Bodies: Chapters of Royal Arch Masons (RAM); Councils of Cryptic Masons, or Royal and Select Masters (R&SM); Commanderies or Preceptories of Knights Templar (KT) 2. Honorary and Invitational Bodies: York Rite Colleges; Priories of Knights of the York Cross of Honor (KYCH); Colleges of Holy Royal Arch Knight Templar Priests (HRAKTP); Councils of Allied Masonic Degrees (AMD); Lodges of Royal Ark Mariners; Masonic Order of the Bath; Chapters of the Sovereign Order of Knights Preceptor Councils of Masonic Societas Rosicruciana in Civitatibus Foederatis (MSRICF) (Masonic Rosicrucians); Conclaves of the Red Cross of Constantine; Clans of the Royal Order of Scotland
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The York Rite Sovereign College of North America is an invitational York Rite body, requiring membership in Masonic Lodge, Royal Arch Chapter, Cryptic Council and Knights Templar Commandery (US) or Preceptory (Canada).