Freemasonry is a worldwide social and community service organization, emphasizing personal study, self-improvement, and social betterment via individual involvement and philanthropy. This category is meant to list sites established by organizations and individuals relating to the "Masonic" fraternity and its related organizations.
Sites should be about Masons or Masonic groups.
Sites appertaining to charity, charitable activities, and organisations managed, sponsored or significantly funded by Freemasons.
E-Groups are advertisement-supported, email-based list servers. We list masonic ones here.
Please seek appropriate category among Message Boards, Live Chats, and Mailing Lists.
This category is for masonic sites dealing with "blue" or "craft" lodges, generally those bodies which operate in and confer the degrees usually referred to as Entered Apprentice, Fellowcraft and Master Mason, For appendant, adoptive, affiliated or "higher" orders, degrees or groups, see .../Freemasonry/Related_Organizations/
Sites should be blue or craft masonry sites.
An e-zine is the electronic form of a magazine, delivered via the Internet through the web, by e-mail, as a PDF file, or some other commonly accepted electronic form. It shares many of the characteristics of a paper magazine. It will have a regular publishing schedule: daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly, etc.
Only regularly updated works dealing primarily with Masonic content will be listed.
Category for sites relating to any aspect of masonic research.
For sites of Masonic museums and Libraries.
For pages which do not represent a masonic organization, but do have masonic content.
This is for other masonic bodies, which will require that adult male members be masons, adult female members be somehow related to a mason, and that may require children to have parents in one of the above groups, or may be sponsored by a masonic group.
Sites submitted here should not be blue or craft lodge sites.
for sites responding to anti-masonic allegations
Sites selling merchandise specifically about and for members of the Masonic organizations classified under Society/Organizations/Freemasonry .
Please submit masonic suppliers of regalia items to ''Regalia and Suppliers''.
For resources specifically aimed at _masonic_ webmasters. @links to resource categories not specifically masonic.
Webrings are a way of linking to a network of similar sites. We list masonic ones here.
For all matters relating to Women's Freemasonry and Co-Masonry.