Sites in this category may be of general interest to military veterans. They may also be centered on specific issues or military units.
Please submit sites that pertain to organizations that focus on military veterans. Organizations that are not specific to veterans but include veterans in their scope may also be submitted.
Sites of veterans' organisations in Australia.
Sites of organisations serving Canadian Forces veterans.
Sites of veterans' organisations in the United States.

This category is for nonprofit organizations, associations, and broad-based veterans groups, not sites about specific US Air Force units/stations.

Sites about specific units should be submitted in Regional/North_America/United_States/Government/Military/Air_Force/Units instead.

In this category you will find organizations for Veterans of the Vietnam War.
1. Please submit only veterans organizations that caters to veterans of the Vietnam War. Other veterans Organizations should be submitted to: Society/Military/Veterans/Organizations.

2. Chapters of the Vietnam Veterans of America should be submitted to the Vietnam Veterans of America sub-category.