This category is for sites about people involved in the military and their families.
If your site is specific to the military of a particular country, please submit to that country.

For example, for the United States military, find the appropriate subcategory of Regional: North America: United States: Society and Culture: Military.

This category is for personal accounts and memoirs.
Please limit submissions to those sites which contain extensive excerpts or full text from diaries or other such documents; sites with more general information should go to one of the Civil War categories.
This category is an opportunity for personal pages of military personnel.
This category is for sites which offer support, in various ways, to spouses of military personnel. Support sites may include organizations, clubs, groups, directories, services, chat domains or forums, fun and entertainment issues, health, events, and other miscellaneous information.
Please submit only sites dealing with the support of Military spouses, from all nations and countries, in this category.

Sites geared toward active-duty and retired personnel should be submitted to a separate category, such as the regional military categories.

Personal or home pages about military people and spouses, and not dealing with the issue of supporting military spouses as a whole, may be submitted to Society: Military: People: Spouses: Personal Pages and Tributes. Please do not submit personal pages here!

Read the category description for further information.