Category is for sites about past, present, and experimental military aircraft of the world. Military aircraft are aircraft designed or substantially redesigned for military use.
Sites about a single type of military aircraft should be submitted to the correct sub-category.

Sites about multiple types of military aircraft should be submitted to Recreation/Aviation/Military/Guides.

Sites about aircraft-related entities (like squadrons, facilities, and veterans) should be submitted to the appropriate category of their Nation of origin. (Example: U.S. Navy F-14 squadron homepages should be submitted to Regional/North_America/United_States/Government/Military/Navy.)

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Intended for web sites which focus on military transports and aerial tankers.
Submit sites that are about multiple types of airlifters. Sites about individual aircraft types should be submitted to the appropriate subcategory. For example, sites about the C-17 would be submitted to Airlifters/C-17_Globemaster_III.
Intended for web sites related to aircraft with the primary mission of Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW).
Submit sites that are about multiple types of Anti-Submarine Warfare aircraft. Sites about individual aircraft types should be submitted to the appropriate subcategory if that subcategory exists. For example, sites about the CP-140 Aurora would be submitted to Anti-Submarine_Warfare/CP-140_Aurora.
Attack aircraft deliver air-to-ground munitions in three types of missions: strategic attack, air interdiction, and close air support.
Submit sites that primarily deal with attack aircraft. Other military aircraft sites should be submitted to Society/Military/Aviation/Aircraft.
Intended for English-language sites about aircraft whose primary mission is bombing, regardless of country of origin or operation.
Submit sites that are about multiple types of Bomber aircraft.

Sites about individual bomber types should be submitted to the appropriate subcategory if that subcategory exists.

For example, sites primarily about the B-52 Stratofortress would be submitted to Society/Military/Aviation/Aircraft/Bombers/B-52_Stratofortress.

This category is an index to other categories, based upon the country of origin of the aircraft.
No sites will be accepted for listing in this category
Sites related to experimental military aircraft, also called X-Planes.
Please submit only sites dealing with the AL-1A ABL system to this category.
Fighters category devoted to fighters of different countries.Here you can find different kind of information,technical and images for example.
Gunships are cargo-type aircraft that have been re-designed to provide close air support for troops in contact, or interdiction of supplies enroute to enemy positions. Gunships offer precision targeting and exceptionally long loiter times. Side mounted guns are a primary distinguishing feature. Gunships differ from other attack aircraft in that they carry only cannons. They have no bombs, rockets or missiles. They have no defensive weapons. Gunships also tend to have very large flight crews to operate the different sensors and guns.
Submit sites that are primarily concerned with fixed wing gunships. Subcategories exist for all existing variants and sites that focus on one particular model should be submitted to those categories.
Specialized aviation forces have these primary missions: electronic warfare and suppression of enemy air defenses, and aerial reconnaissance and surveillance. According to the Federation of American Scientist ( the list of U.S. specialized aviation forces includes: E-2, E-3, E-4, E-6, E-8, EC-18, E-767, E-737, E-310, EC-121, EC-130V, EC-130, EC-135, RC-12, RC-135, SR-71, U-2, EA-6B, ES-3, CSA, HU-25.
Sites related to military training aircraft. The Federation of American Scientist list some of the U.S. training craft as: T-1, T-2, T-3, T-6, T-34, T-37, T-38, T-41, T-43, T-44, and T-45.
This category is for English sites about unmanned air vehicles.