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Sites about arts and literature in the military genre.
Included in this category are
  • Sites that educate with facts or photos.
  • Sites that provide military aircraft-related information, training material, and news releases to the public.
  • Sites whose content is primarily about military aircraft themselves.

For sites about military aviation models and modeling, submit to Recreation/Models/Scale/Military.

Sites for the recreational use of military or former-military aircraft should be submitted to Recreation/Aviation/Military.

Sites that are primarily about a specific locality may be listed here or in the appropriate category in Regional.

Non-English language sites should be submitted to the appropriate language in World.

The operation, manufacture, development, and design of heavier-than-air aircraft, military airplanes, aircraft for or supported by the army, naval, or air forces.
Submit only generic military directories or guides. Country-specific items should be submitted to the relevant country category - see Society/Military/By_Country for the list.
Generic (non-country-specific) military directories and guides.
Note: sites offering image galleries of a specific nature should be submitted to one of the following categories:


Sites providing general image galleries related to military matters.
Sites relating to military land forces.
This category is for English-language general information about types of naval vessels and pages that have information about ships of more than one country. Please submit ship homepages and organizational sites, both official and unofficial, to military categories of the respective country in Regional.

For example, unofficial sites about any aspect of the United Kingdom Royal Navy belong in Regional: Europe: United Kingdom: Society and Culture: Military: Royal Navy - Unofficial Sites

Pages about the U.S. Navy should be submitted to the appropriate subcategory in Regional/North_America/United_States/Government/Military/Navy.

This category is for English-language general information about types of naval vessels and pages that have information about ships of more than one country.
Please submit region-specific sites (e.g. US Army news) to the categories listed under Society/Military/News_and_Media/Regional. Region-specific sites will not be accepted in this category.
Sites providing general military-related news.
If your site is specific to the military of a particular country, please submit to that country.

For example, for the United States military, find the appropriate subcategory of Regional: North America: United States: Society and Culture: Military.

This category is for sites about people involved in the military and their families.
Please submit only those sites that are POW-MIA specific, but not for a specific war. If site is related to a specific war, please submit to the appropriate sub-category.
This category is for sites about Prisoners of War - Missing In Action (POW-MIA) - both veteran and civilian.
1.) Please submit only websites where the main part of the content is for or by military veterans.

2.) Please read the submission guidelines and the description in the subcategory you plan to submit your site to. This will give you a better understanding of the types of websites that should be submitted to that subcategory.

3.) Submit to the correct category. If you have a site that mainly focuses on veterans of the Vietnam War, the correct category would be one of the Vietnam War categories. It can be difficult to find the correct category if your site has a broad scope and parts of your website could fit into several sub categories. If you can''t find a subcategory that would fit your site, you should submit it to a category higher up in the hierarchy tree. For example, you have a website with content for veterans of the Vietnam War, the Korean War and WWII, the right Category for you to submit in would be the main Veterans category, while a site with content only for veterans of the Korean War should be submitted to the Korean War category.

The Veterans category of the ODP offers English language websites with content by and for the veterans of the world's armed forces. A majority of the websites in this category are war veteran related, but websites with content for or by veterans that have never served in combat are also welcome to be submitted here.
Sites about various types of weapons and equipment.
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