This category is for human rights issues for Israelis and the Palestinians.
Discussion of assassinations and targeted killings by the various factions involved in the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians.
Attacks on non-combatants by military or non-military belligerents, "collateral damage", destruction of civilian property, ethnic cleansing, refugees, any other categories of civilian victims that may arise.

Please note that victims of terrorism are not described in this category, as the acts of terrorists are intentional. For information on victims of terrorist attacks, please see This category, Society/Issues/Warfare_and_Conflict/Specific_Conflicts/Middle_East/Israel-Palestine/Terrorism.

Documentation of Al-Nakba, the ethnic cleansing of the greatest part of Palestine in 1948, and similar subsequent and ongoing practices.
Human rights organizations focusing on the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians.
Discussing the right of return for Palestinian refugees under international humanitarian law.