This category is for historical and background information on this conflict, with the focus on factual and balanced accounts.
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This category is for information about the deaths of Palestinian civilians at Deir Yassin, now known as Givat Shaul, during Israel's 'War of Independence'.
This category is for accounts, reactions, and information pertaining to Israel's military incursion into the Jenin refugee camp.
This category is for histories or write ups of single events that took place before the creation of the state of Israel and are related to the Israeli Palestinian conflict.
Submit historical accounts of events that occurred before 1948 and are related to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Please note bias (if any) of the Web site. Commercial notices will not be posted here. General histories of the conflict belong in the parent directory. Do not submit Web sites or pages that do not deal primarily with history of Zionism or the Palestinian-Israeli conflict before 1948. No personal sites please, except for eyewitness accounts.
This category is for sites about this Israeli "reprisal raids" in which dozens of civilians were killed.