News articles and reports on specific school incidents.
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On 16th January 2002 a Peter Odighizuma, a former pupil of Appalachian School of Law, shot six students, killing three of them.
Special topic generated in 1999 because of student(s) killing students at this public school in Colorado
Memorials, news, and updates for the Columbine incident.
Dawson College is located in downtown Montreal. On Sept. 13, 2006 there was a rampage shooting there in which one woman was killed and 19 were injured.
Sites about the mass shooting on March 5, 2001.
Special topic generated in 2007 because of the student killings at this University in Blacksburg, Virginia. At the time it occurred it was the largest shootings in US History.
This category is for memorials, news, and updates on the Virginia Tech incident.