Air Florida Flight 90, enroute from Washington National Airport to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, crashed shortly after takeoff in the late afternoon of January 13, 1982. The 737 crashed into the Rochambeau Bridge, the eastern central span (I-395) of the 14th Street Bridge connecting Washington, DC and Arlington, Virginia, and then the frozen Potomac River. (The Rochambeau Bridge was later renamed the Arland D. Williams, Jr. Memorial Bridge in honor of a passenger who died while saving others from the water). Of the 79 passengers and crew, 74 were killed, as well as four motorists. Investigators blamed the crash on a failure to de-ice the wings and engines properly, and on the Flordai-based crew's inexperience with flying in snowy, icy conditions.
Eastern 401, enroute from New York-JFK to Miami, crashed in the Everglades shortly before midnight on December 29, 1972. A brand-new L-1011, it was the first crash of a wide-body jet in history. A burned-out indicator light had caused the crew to circle the airport to confirm that the landing gear had locked. While distracted, the improperly programmed autopilot was disengaged and the plane flew into the swamp with a loss of 103 passengers and crew. The crash is probably most famous for its legendary ghosts; crew and passengers on other Eastern flights reported seeing the captain and first officer on planes which used recycled parts from the crashed L-1011. The myth was written into a novel and television movie.
Sites pertaining to the August 31, 1983 flight of KAL 007, a commercial 747, from New York-JFK to Seoul-Kimpo via Anchorage. On September 1, 1983, the Soviet Union claimed that the plane had violated its airspace over Kamchatka and had it shot down, taking the lives of 269 passengers and crew. The incident generated international outcry as well as numerous conspiracy theories.
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