Transportation, whether you like it or not, is one of the "driving" forces that alters lives, cultures, and the landscape. If you walk, swim, ride, drive or fly then you should be interested in this integral aspect of your life.
Protests at road construction and car dependence, and positive steps to promote alternatives to private cars. Direct Action has its own category.
Sites of local interest regarding specific individual projects should be submitted to the appropriate Regional category.
This category is for sites that provide information related to issues that affect air travelers.
Sites that deal with specific issues of flight safety that would be of use to pilots or other aviation professionals should be submitted to Science/Technology/Aerospace/Aeronautics/Safety_of_Aviation .

Sites that deal specifically with aspects of designing safer aircraft or aeronautical systems critical to safe aerial navigation should be submitted to Science/Technology/Safety_Engineering/Air_Safety. .

This category is for general public transportation issues.