Memorial pages for those who died in the September 11th attacks.

Please make sure this is the most appropriate place for your site.
For memorials dedicated to a specific person, a submission in the location-specific subcats for World Trade Center, Pentagon and Flight 93 will be more appropriate.

Sites reporting on events, ceremonies, etc. that commemorate 9/11 should be submitted in Commemoration.

Sites including personal thoughts and analysis should be submitted in Personal Pages.

Sites focusing on patriotic issues should be submitted in United States: Society and Culture: Patriotism.

Special note: as a matter of policy, the Open Directory classifies and lists sites based only on content visible at the time of review, and not on content that the webmasters intend to make available in the future. Unfortunately, we cannot list sites in this category that promise to add memorial pages in the future but do not currently have personal information about any victims.

Contains information on living memorials. Living memorials offer the possibility to join a creative process and contribute something personal - some online, some in the real world.