Terrorism: Covers all aspects of terrorism. Including government sponsored, groups, individual.
Articles and Research: General information on terrorists and their structure. Includes Newspaper and Magazine articles, research by university and organizations. Pro and Con.
Cyber terrorism is the use of (chiefly) information technology to cause harm, and with the intention of terrorizing a target group. Because of the ubiquity of computing resources in all aspects of modern society, global interconnectivity, rapid technological pace, and the availability of disruptive tools, cyber terrorism is an asymmetric (or uneven) threat. Cyber terrorism is not cyber crime, because cyber criminals wish to avoid detection, and it is not Cyber Warfare, because warfare is conducted between politically recognized nation-states.
Please submit sites covering both policy and general technical discussions on global or societal impacts or vulnerabilities to cyber terrorism. Do not submit sites advocating violence or describing "how to" create a cyber attack.
If possible, please find the most appropriate category for the site:

  • If the site is a news article, please submit it to the News and Media category.
  • If the site shows only photos of the incidents, please submit it to the Image Galleries category.
  • If the site is for discussing the incidents, please submit it to the Chats and Forums category.
  • If the site focuses on helping or giving and includes information on how to do so, please submit it to the Assistance category.
  • If the site is about any attacks against groups of people which is related to this incident, please submit it to the Backlash category.
  • If the site focuses on the victims of the attacks (including those holding lists of survivors), please submit it to the Victims and Survivors category. Memorial pages should be submitted to the In Memoriam category.
This category may not be the most appropriate place for your submission:
Suicide terrorism is the act of sacrificing one's life in the process of destroying or attempting to destroy a target to advance a political goal.

Information about suicide attacks, why terrorist groups use self-destructing human weapons, and why people become human bombs.

This category is reserved for warnings and alerts issued by Governments or other authorities. It also includes details of sites that have current travel advice.
Sites should either be official government travel advice or those that carry current advice on worldwide travel. This category is not for travel agencies, relocation agencies, or advice on very limited locales. All such submissions will be forwarded to the appropriate categories.
Groups in the United States which espouse terrorism and violence in order to achieve their means.