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Please submit only sites that deal with conscientious objection in the form of refusing to serve in or fund the military. These can include sites that encourage or help people to apply for CO status, sites about draft resistors, and sites for groups opposed to "war taxes".
The United States Selective Service System defines a conscientious objector as "one who is opposed to serving in the armed forces and/or bearing arms on the grounds of moral or religious principles." Some people have also taken the idea a step further and object not only to the idea of serving in the military, but also refuse to support it by paying taxes that fund wars and the military.
Please submit sites that focus on a particular event such as a mass convergence, a protest march, or other type of pro-peace activity. Please include the time frame and location.

Sites for long-term ongoing campaigns should be listed under Society/Issues/Peace/Activism and Peace Work/ or the most appropriate subcategory under it.

This category is for peace and anti-war events, particularly those that are planned for a designated date.
Please submit sites that pertain only to peace or anti-war petitions. These may include sites that offer online petitions and/or printable petitions.
Petitions are statements signed by a group of people who are seeking a common goal. In this case, the petitions are to various leaders from people who are working for peace and against war.
Please submit only peace activism and peace work sites that directly involve Canada. This may be groups or initiatives that are based in Canada and hold local events there or organizations working on peace issues of specific interest to Canadians. Sites for international groups that just happen to be based in Canada should be submitted to Society: Issues: Peace: Activism and Peace Work.
Activism sites which are specific to particular countries or areas of the world.
Please submit only sites dealing with women''s peace initiatives or those peace activist groups whose members are primarily women.
Women's peace initiatives or peace activist groups whose members are primarily women.
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