Inclusive of web sites that study, promote, argue about or discuss issues of peace.
Those individuals and organizations taking action concerning peace
Please submit only sites that deal with conscientious objection in the form of refusing to serve in or fund the military. These can include sites that encourage or help people to apply for CO status, sites about draft resistors, and sites for groups opposed to "war taxes".
Sites that are against all forms of military intervention (at least, by a specific country).
Conferences on Peace.
Sites covering any aspect of Peace Education.
Pages by individual people (rather than organizations) on the issue of Peace.
Peace Policy Institutes
Sites that offer peace-themed merchandise for sale.
Please include only sites that sell peace-related products. These may include resources for activism, educational materials, music, art, or any other product that has to do with peace.

This category is for sites of which the primary focus is to allow the consumer to select and obtain goods and services over the Web. It may also include simple directories of products and prices that the user can order via mail or phone.

Sites which are mainly advertising for a local store and that do not offer online shopping should be submitted to the appropriate Regional category.