Micronations, sometimes known as unrecognized nations or ephemeral states, are countries which claim status as independent nations, but which lack diplomatic recognition by the world community. Many claim some physical land area as their national territory; others are non-territorial, existing only in the virtual world. These nations may represent true secessionist movements, experiments with political and governmental models, or extended jokes. The line between serious and whimsical micronations is often a thin one.
Imaginary countries or worlds that support a role-playing game, like Dungeons and Dragons, should be submitted to the Games/Roleplaying/World_Building/Created_Worlds category.
Micronations and prospective micronations in Africa.
Micronations in Asia.
Micronations and projects whose primary purpose is to offer business, commercial or banking services and to act as a tax haven.
Micrnonations in the region.
Micronations that claim territories spread over a number of regions (or planets).
Off-earth micronations.
Sites relating to the geography of imaginary nations and places.
Micronations which claim and desire no land or territory.
Please submit only sites on the Talossan micronations.
Parodies and satirical sites.
Micronations and proposed micronations which are seeking territory in any of a number of regions on Earth.
Micronations in South America.