Groups or pages defending the unrestricted distribution of music/songs, instead of a few large corporations having monopoly grants on them. They usually believe that artists are actually harmed/repressed by the current copyright system, because fewer are able to produce music and fewer people are able to hear their works.
For sites and pages addressing the issue of mp3 sharing.
Several "anti-rip" schemes for CDs insert chunks of garbage data to produce errors in CD players.

Newer audio CD players contain error-correction software designed to compensate for scratches and minor damage. The garbage data disrupts re-encoding of the audio into MP3 and other formats, while relying on error-correcting CD players to compensate for it. Some CD players, particularly car stereos, game consoles, and CD-ROM drives, cannot play audio CDs seeded with these errors.

These schemes are often inaccurately referred to as "copy protection", though no steps are taken to prevent verbatim duplication of the corrupted audio data to another CD.