The Pro-Tobacco category focuses on activities designed to influence personal behavior, public opinion, and legislation regarding tobacco products in the direction of increased use. It includes sites related to activism, advertising, marketing, and public relations. It also includes sites offering critiques of these activities. Expect to find sites related to:

  • Activist organizations,
  • Specific campaigns,
  • "How-to" guides and information, and
  • Critiques of the actions taken by others.

The Pro-Tobacco: Critiques category focuses on reports about and evaluations of the activities of those who engage in pro-tobacco advocacy. Subcategories involve specific types of activities critiqued.

Please submit items on tobacco promotion at events such as sports, fairs, festivals, and so on.

The Pro-Tobacco: Promotion category focuses on activities that encourage individuals to use tobacco products, such as advertising, marketing, sponsorship of events, and public information campaigns. It includes "responsible use" sites.

The Advocacy: Pro-Tobacco: Public Relations category focuses on activities that promote the public image of the tobacco industry and the companies within it.

The Pro-Tobacco: Regulation category focuses on activities that oppose additional laws restricting the use tobacco products, as well as those that favor eliminating existing restrictions.