Issues related to how governments are run, including accountability to the people, government corruption, public sector ethics, campaign finance, secrecy (and freedom of information), civil service reform, and government acquisition and retention of lands.
Counting population(s) or taking census affects the influence that voters may have, economics and other issues of concern in society.
Articles and sites addressing the controversial issue of conscription, also known as the military draft.
This category concerns legislation around the world that gives citizens the right to access certain types of information produced by government bodies in the course of their duties. The laws many be known as Freedom of Information, Right to Information, or Open Records. Sites listed here include those directly about the legislation, campaigns for broadening existing legislation, or implementing new legislation, and studies of the effects of such laws on governments, the press, and the population.
The US Army School of the Americas (SOA) trains Latin American militaries. Criticized for the poor human rights record of many of its graduates and for teaching torture, the SOA has been targeted by thousands of protestors.
Please submit only sites dealing mostly with the SOA and not with human rights in general or other US military programs. Submit sites that both favor and oppose the SOA.