Sites about societal issues related to family planning. The abortion issue is covered in Society:Issues:Abortion. Information about birth control is in Health:Reproductive Health:Birth Control. The sub-category "Organizations" lists institutional organizations' sites.
This category is for websites about societal issues related to family planning. See the category description for additional details.

Sites about becoming pregnant do not belong here. See Health/Reproductive_Health/Pregnancy_and_Birth/Pre-Conception/

This category is for societal issues related to condoms.
Sites selling condoms are in Shopping/Health/Reproduction_and_Sexuality/Birth_Control/Condoms/ and will not be listed in this category. DO NOT SUBMIT CONDOMS-FOR-SALE SITES HERE.

Sites about health aspects of condoms (health benefits, health research, who should use them, etc.) are in Health/Reproductive_Health/Birth_Control/Barrier_Methods/Condom/. .

Issues related to the availability and use of emergency contraception. Emergency contraceptives are methods of preventing pregnancy after unprotected sexual intercourse (usually up to 72 hours after). They do not protect against sexually transmitted infections. Emergency contraception is not abortion, although some people who object to abortion also object to emergency contraception. Sites about health aspects of emergency contraception (how it works, where to get emergency contraceptive supplies, etc.) are found in Health/Reproductive_Health/Birth_Control/Emergency_Contraception/ .
Advocacy, issues, and concerns related to the birth control pill, injectable contraceptives, and implantable contraceptives -- all of which use hormones to disrupt natural cycles and processes.
Advocacy, issues, and concerns related to family planning and population assistance programs in developing countries.
Sites of institutional organizations providing information or advocacy associated with family planning issues.