Criticisms of environmentalism and environmentalist groups; also exposes of "Greenwash", which is corporations trying to present themselves as more environment-friendly ("green") than they actually are.
For those who question the prevailing belief of how climate change (or global warming) works through the showing and/or telling of alternative suggestions which may include the sciences, politics, economics, psychology, sociology, or religion to name but a few.
Please submit only sites that support the opposite side of the global climate change (anthropogenic global warming) issue. These sites may include points of view that range from: some change, but not as much as predicted; to those whose particular results do not support the doomsayer outcome; or even to those or predict little no change...or even cooling trends. Sites that support a vigorous cooling climate change as a result of a change in the thermohaline circulation - due to global warming - should list under Science: Environment: Global Change: Impacts and Indicators.
Some say the term "junk science" was coined by PR man and lobbyist E. Bruce Harrison in 1962. Others ascribe it to Peter Huber, an anti-tort promoter and author of the 1991 book "Galileo's Revenge: Junk Science in the Courtroom". Used legitimately, "junk science" refers work presented as valid science, but that falls outside the rigors of the scientific method and the peer review process. However, the label is used by some corporate PR firms and attorneys to attack any science and scientists that are contrary to their financial interests.
For sites opposing establishment of wind farms, as well as those who believe wind energy does not deliver on its promise of efficiency.