Environmental activism covers a wide range of actions, from writing letters to politicians and corporations, through publicity stunts and banner-waving protests, to direct action like chaining yourself to a tree to prevent a new road. This category should only contain sites that have some details as to "what you can do" politically — action that people can take, or have taken. Background information and arguments about the issues should go in Society: Issues: Environment. Pages about personal living and what you can do to have less impact on the environment should go to: Society: Issues: Environment Consumerism: Activism. (Note: there is one area that has never traditionally been called "activism", and that is conservation work. This is filed under Society: Issues: Environment: Conservation and Endangered Species and, for more scientific conservation research groups, Science: Environment: Biodiversity: Conservation) See also: (very comprehensive guide) Where should I submit my website about animals? Or, where will I find the animal topic I am looking for?
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Direct Action goes beyond just holding banners and shouting slogans - which is certainly a good thing to do as well! - it is any action which aims to physically block, or make more difficult, environmental destruction. It may not always ultimately stop the road being built or whatever, but what it does do is impose extra economic costs on "developers", making destructive "development" more expensive. The vast majority of green direct action is Non-Violent Direct Action (NVDA).