Groups actively involved in correcting judicial miscarriages of justices, along with studies of cases where individuals have been released from prison as a result of new evidence in their case, including DNA tests exonerating a convicted person.
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Stories about individuals being the victims of injustice and failure in the legal system. This category does not cover political prisoners.
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For sites discussing the question of what happened at the Ruby Ridge standoff, where (to state the universally accepted facts) an innocent woman was shot in the head by an FBI while holding her child, a man was framed for gun crimes, and a boy was gunned down on his father's property while hunting.
For articles and pages specifically addressing the Ruby Ridge incident, not generic anti-government or pro-government materials, "conspiracy theories" (aside from those around this incident), et cetera.
Sites containing information about the holocaust that took the lives of eighty members of a branch of the Seventh Day Adventist Church popularly known as the Branch Davidians, who call themselves the Students of the Seventh Seal.
This category is for survivors of the Waco holocaust. Pages dealing with other aspects of the incident belong in the parent category, or elsewhere.