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Pro-life sites that promote taking an active part in changing hearts, minds, and laws.
These are essays defending the pro-life position, using a variety of arguments and in some cases graphic descriptions of the abortion procedure.
Please submit only sites for student organizations whose primary mission is to support the pro-life movement.

Do not submit groups which may have pro-life sympathies or activities but whose primary purpose is political (for example, a conservative newspaper), religious (for example, a Catholic fellowship), or otherwise broader than the right to life movement or sanctity of life movement.

This category is for institutional organizations supporting the human pro-life perspective, i.e., opposed to abortion generally or completely. The "Regional/United States" subcategory applies to georgaphicall specific USA pro-life organizations. The "Regional" subcategory applies to the remaining geographically specific non-USA pro-life organizations. ODP may not discriminate based on a pro-life organization's creed. Therefore, we will not designate subcatogories based on the religious nature or other creed of the organization. However, organizations advocating violence lose their First Amendment protections and should not be listed.
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