Sites listed in this category focus on non-religious celebrations of Easter. They are suitable for visitors of all ages, but designed primarily for adults. Listings provide information on the holiday's history, symbols, cultural significance, and celebrations around the world.

Sites designed primarily for children are listed in

Sites that focus on the religious aspects of Easter are listed in Society/Religion_and_Spirituality/Christianity/Calendar/Easter.

All sites submitted to this category should reflect a non-religious perspective on the holiday.

Sites that focus on the religious aspects of Easter should be submitted to Society/Religion_and_Spirituality/Christianity/Calendar/Easter.

Sites that sell holiday merchandise should be submitted to Shopping/Holidays.

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This category is for sites which are of particular to children and youth, or to those working with them.
Please consider where your site best belongs. If it belongs in a particular subcategory, please submit it there. Do not submit sites to both this category and a subcategory. Pick the one place it fits best.

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This category for sites giving a method of determining which date Easter falls on any particular year.
This category is for directories, link pages, portals, and "guides" to Easter.
This category is for Easter entertainment such as movies, games, and humor. It is not limited to those areas, but some forms of art could be considered entertaining and will be listed under Arts. Music and literature are listed under the arts subcategory.
This category is for personal greeting cards that people send to each other this time of year. Cards which may be purchased are listed in Shopping.
This category is for various viewpoints about Easter, for and against. They may be based on social, economic, religious, or other grounds.
This category is for various ethnic, regional, and religious traditions.