This category is focused on the civil government of the Confederate States of America. Here you will also find a few websites of a general nature that do not better fit elsewhere. The time period begins with state secession in late 1860 and concludes with the conquest of the Confederacy in 1865. Here you can learn about: · The Confederate Government, which served the eleven seceded states from 1861 to 1865. · The Confederate President, Jefferson Davis. · The Confederate Cabinet. · The Confederate Congress. · The Confederate Constitution. · The Confederate White House. · The Executive Branches of the Confederate Government. · The Confederate Capital, Richmond, Virginia. · Miscellaneous Websites, which have no better home.
Do you wish to submit a new website? If so, please submit only websites about the Confederate States of America civil government, or general websites that deal with the Confederacy or its people. This is not the place for websites about the Confederate military, nor about battles, soldiers, military commanders, descendents of veterans, or re-enactment groups. Neither is this the place to list websites that deal with the United States Government during this time period. Do not submit sites that would fit better elsewhere. Before choosing this category, make sure there is not a better fit in one of the other subcategories under “Civil_War”.