Sojourner Truth was born Isabella Bomefree about 1797 at Hurley, New York. Her parents were James and Betsy, slaves of Colonel Hardenbergh. Isabella was sold four times between 1806 and 1828. Isabella changed her name to Sojourner Truth in 1843, as she planned to travel the land telling the truth. There are some reports that this change was a response to a religious vision Truth experienced. Sojourner Truth died at her home on College Street on November 26, 1883. Frederick Douglass and Sojourner Truth were attending a meeting. Frederick had been speaking very despondently. A hush came over the audience as Sojourner rose and admonished Mr. Douglass by asking, "Frederick, is God dead?" These three words, "Is God Dead?" are inscribed on her tombstone, along with her reputed age of 105 which is really thought to be more like 86.
Sites only about the evangelist, abolitionist, and women''s rights advocate named Sojourner Truth.