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This category is for Ancient History. Sites about American Indian history after European contact should please go to

Also, sites which are primarily about ruins or archaelogical work should please go to or If there is significant historical content as well as information about ruins, then you may cross-post.

For sites about North American prehistory. Please note: Mexico is considered part of North America by American Indian studies, as "Central America" is really a modern political distinction rather than a continent. There was considerable interplay across the Rio Grande.
Sites about European and other exploration of the North American continent.
Information and photos of the ghost towns found throughout the Western United States with ties to the Old West.
Please submit only sites regarding events and/or figures of true importance at the United States national level here.

Sites relating to local or state government should be submitted to the appropriate category (or sub-cat) in Regional. Sites dealing with historic material of state interest, or regional interest, should also be submitted to the appropriate category (or sub-cat) in Regional.

Sites in languages other than English should be sent to the appropriate category in the World hierarchy.

This category concerns the history of the United States of America, from Colonial times through the present day.
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