The office of Reichskanzler (1871-1945) and Bundeskanzler (1949-) is that of Germany's (1949-1990: West Germany's) chief executive/head of Government. The office of the head of government of East Germany (1949-1990) were not called Chancellor but President of the Council of Ministers (i.e. Prime Minister).

b. January 5, 1876; d. April 19, 1967. Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany, 1945-1963.

Sites relating to the "Iron Chancellor" of the Second Reich.

Willy Brandt; b. December 18, 1913; d. October 8, 1992.

Born Herbert Ernst Karl Frahm, took Willy Brandt as cover name in 1933 for his Norway-based anti-Nazi work. Mayor of Berlin 1957-1966, Foreign Minister 1966-1969, Chancellor 1969-1974 (first socialist postwar chancellor). Winner of the Nobel Peace prize, 1971. President of the Socialist International.

b. April 3, 1930. Premier of Rheinland-Pfalz state, 1969-1976; Chairman of the Christian Democratic Party, 1973-1998; Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany, 1982-1998.

Schröder (Schroeder), Gerhard; born 1944, State premier of Lower Saxony 1990-1998, Chairman of the Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD) 1999-2004, Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany 1998-