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This category is intended for sites, web pages, papers, and articles in English about the History of the Caribbean.
Descriptions must be in English and summarize the content of your pages.

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This category is for Ancient History. Sites about American Indian history after European contact should please go to

Also, sites which are primarily about ruins or archaelogical work should please go to or If there is significant historical content as well as information about ruins, then you may cross-post.

This category is intended for resources in English related to the History of South America. The description of the resource must be in English, brief, and summarize its content. Esta categoría es para recursos en inglés que tengan que ver con la historia de América del Sur.
All resources in Spanish about the History of South América must be submitted to its corresponding category under World: Español: Países: , or World: Español: Sociedad: Historia.

Todo recurso en español relacionado a la historia de América del Sur debe ser enviado a su categoría correspondiente bajo World: Español: Países: , o World: Español: Sociedad: Historia.