History, in brief, is the humanity which explains the human condition based on the chronological record of significant events and their related causes.
Sites about local history are usually placed in the appropriate subcategory of the Regional hierarchy.

Do not submit sites about local (e.g. town, city, county) history unless pertinent to an event or place of national or international significance. For example, a site about the founding of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania is Regional in interest, whereas a site about the course of the Battle of Gettysburg in 1863, a turning point in the American Civil War, would be accepted into the Society/History category of the same.

Society/History is best suited to academic or scholarly sites devoted to history of civilizations, or of particular branches or philosophies of history.

This category is intended for the sites of programs of study and academic departments of history at three- or four-year colleges and universities. Generally, only departments whose main language of instruction is English are listed here, although some departments which do not teach in English, but which have English language websites, will also be listed. See the relevant "see also" listings (or browse the World categories) for departments teaching in other languages.
Descriptions must be in English and summarize the content of your pages.
This category lists sites devoted to history from the dawn of civilization in the ancient world to the present according to their chronological events by time periods.
Please list sites devoted to history from the dawn of civilization in the ancient world to the present according to their chronological events by time periods.
Please list sites devoted to cultural history relevant to language, religious beliefs, values, and customs shared by groups of people.

For sites not in English, please list in the appropriate World category.

Interactive, real-time online chat rooms, bulletin boards, discussion groups, and message boards on history.
Sites serving conferences, congresses, and other scholarly meetings of historians and related professionals.
good reference sites for K-12 students for history/social studies classes and research
Sites and categories for individuals now or formerly engaged in the professional and scholarly study of history.
Please submit your site into the most specific category possible.

This category accepts only published researchers whose primary field of writing is history.

Listing of your site is not guaranteed. ODP editors reserve the right not to list any site which does not comply with this submission notice or the Directory Guidelines.
Regularly issued scholarly publications that deal history in general or a specific historical period or topic.
Regularly issued popular* publications containing articles and illustrations, covering history or a particular aspect or period of history. *Popular here means not in a fully scholarly format.
Contains audio and visual recordings of events in history.
Organizations and associations devoted to history in some form.
Most organizations'' websites will be listed in categories specific to their topic, time period, or geographic scope. Please find the best category for your submission.
Sites with lists of chronological events that have a wide coverage being themed with multiple (non-adjacent) geographcal regions and/or multimple topics.
Only submit sites that have a dated chronological element to the submission - e.g., no sequences of events entirely without dates. Just the year, or ''circa'' a particular year is OK.

Commercial sites that have no free material at all should not be submitted here.

Sale of products and/or advertising is OK as long as it does not involve pop-up windows or takes up more than 75% of the browser.