Agencies are international instruments that address major issues of economic, social, scientific, and technical cooperation. They frequently provide direct and indirect assistance to public and private sector organizations, conduct research, develop agreements on international standards, monitor implementation of agreements, and promote peaceful relations and sustainable development. Agencies include autonomous and semi-autonomous organizations under the United Nations system. These include funds, programmes, and specialized agencies. Some, like the United Nations Children's Fund, are created by the United Nations, while others, like the World Trade Organization or the Universal Postal Union, are brought into affiliation with the UN after being founded under independent, multilateral agreement. Agencies typically report on their activities to United Nations through the Economic and Social Council and/or the General Assembly. The GA or ECOSOC's oversight authority varies among agencies by their respective instruments of creation.
Please submit sites relating to autonomous or semi-autonomous organizations under the United Nations system. Please note that committees and commissions are not typically agencies; these should be listed with the organ or organization under which they were created.
The specialized agencies are formed by intergovernmental agreement and brought into special relationships with the United Nations. Specialized agencies typically interface with the United Nations through consultation with the Economic and Social Council.