Contains sites which offer genealogy-specific commercial services or products.
Please note that keepsake, memorial, and album/preservation items will only be listed in the most appropriate one of the following categories:







For links related to photographic or video products for sale that are tailored specifically for genealogists, or would be of interest exclusively to genealogists.
This category will only accept links which are exclusively of interest to genealogists (eg, photographing or video taping of an ancestral town, genealogy photos or videos for sale, etc.) Please submit links for the following to the appropriate category:

photo restoration:


photo scanning:


personal and family biographical services:


transfer of movies to video/CD-ROM:


Researchers implies amateur, professional and/or free look up services. Includes data transcription and pedigree charting.

Submissions are reviewed prior to acceptance. Category allocation is at the discretion of the editor. A site may be relocated, or titles and descriptions altered to comply with ODP or category guidelines. Due to the high volume of submissions this process may take some time. Please be patient. Do not resubmit as this will result in a duplicated entry. Multiple submissions are not accepted.

Please Read Prior to Submission

Sites submitted to this category should pertain to the provision of genealogical research (including transcription and pedigree charting) be it amateur, professional or a free look-up exchange. Sub categories are available for advanced classification.

When submitting please observe these simple guidelines:

Website : only submit once (select Update URL if previously listed)
Do not abbreviate unnecessarily (country codes are acceptable)

Title : state the name of the organization, individual or website
Do not add the terms The, Genealogy, Personal, Homepage or Website.
Do not type in capitals or use symbols.

Description : enter a valid site description (describe content)
Do not reiterate title or category heading; nor exceed 30 words.
Do not include HTML; a list of keywords; or use the same word repeatedly or phrases and punctuation that tend to sell the site as opposed to describe. These includes words such as best, brilliant and awesome!

Acceptable Descriptions

Example 1:

Bear, Mary - Certified family historian specializing in investigation, collation, charting and graphic presentation. Fees are gauged as per service required. UK based with access to worldwide resources.

Example 2:

Harrison Family Detective - Based in New York; includes access to all digitised resources and national and international archives and repositories. Five family historians and one graphic artist currently on staff.

Example 3:

Irish Gen Dig - Peter McIver BA Hist, providing various fee based services including investigation, archive retrieval and reporting. Specialties include wills and probate; ancient Irish clans; and Irish and Scottish heraldry.

Sites offering tours for genealogists.