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Please submit only sites which consist mainly of links to other web pages related to genealogy and immigration and which will assist others in locating information about their ancestors.
Collections of links to web pages related to genealogy and immigration.
Please submit sites which deal only with passenger list records, also referred to as immigration lists, which are related to genealogical research and which encompass several nationalities. Current issues in immigration may be submitted to Society/Issues/Immigration as well several other sites under Society/Law. Sites dealing only with a specific area may be submitted to the Genealogy subcategory under Regional/.
This category contains passenger list records for immigrants worldwide and spanning several centuries related to genealogical research. Sites which provide information on microfilm and published sources are also represented.
Please submit sites which contain information about ships that transported immigrants to their new homes. If your site consists primarily of passenger lists, please submit it to Society/Genealogy/Immigration/Passenger_Lists.
Our immigrant ancestors traveled to their new homes by ships. This category contains sites which provide descriptions, schedules, dates of arrival and departure, statistics and wreck data for immigrant ships.
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