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This category is for pages and sites that refer to homosexuality and bisexuality in ancient Egypt.
All aspects of male-male erotic expression in ancient Greece, a period of time stretching from prehistoric days to the beginning of the Byzantine period.
Male love was an accepted form of social intercourse in Classical Greece and the custom survived openly until the early Christian era.
Submssions to this category should be archives collecting gay, lesbian, and bisexual history.
Archives, by providing evidence of human actions and transactions, underlie the rights of individuals and of states, and are fundamental to democracy and good governance.
Submissions to this category should be limited to bibliographies. Web sites offering additional content should be submitted to the level above, or a more appropriate subcategory.
Web sites offering reading lists on gay, lesbian, and bisexual history.
Pages dedicated to those LBGT individuals who were outstanding in their field and their time.
Historical information on same-sex love in the areas presently or formerly under Moslem rule (Spain, Sicily, the Balkans, North Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia, Northern India, Indonesia, etc.)
Submissions to this category should be information about and tributes to Matthew Shepard. Editors reserve the right to not accept submissions.
Sites honoring individuals significant to gay culture.
Submissions to this category should be offering information on events fwhiched happened on the current day, but in the past.
Calendars and daily postings offering information on an event from GLBT history.
Submissions to this category should be websites representing historical socities, and related groups, preserving and collectioning GLBT history.
Organizations devoted to gay, lesbian, and bisexual history.
All materials dealing with the expression of homoerotic attraction in Japanese culture, from ancient times to the 20th century.
Homosexuality has been an integral part of Japanese culture, presumably from prehistoric times. Mentions of it are to be found in the earliest known texts, and it occupies a central position in the culture up to the Meiji restoration of the late 1800's, when the Japanese felt the need to emulate the Western intruders and classified homosexuality as deviant.
Appropriate topics include: Historical events, personages, scriptural references, mythologies, rituals and other aspects of religious life reflecting same-sex love.
Religious lore and religious experience relating same-sex love.
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