This category is for sites devoted to the first peoples of North America: Native Americans, American Indians, or First Nations. It is especially for those sites created by and for Native Americans, though scholarly sites about Native Americans may be accepted. The category is not meant for sites marketing and selling Native American arts, crafts, and other goods, as there are several appropriate categories in the directory devoted to those sites.
If your site belongs in a subtopic of Native Americans, careful submission to the appropriate category is appreciated.
Sites listed here will provide information on the arts or folk arts of the Native American culture.
Sites in this category provide specific information and editorial comment on the history of Native American tribes, nations, and regions, from prehistory to the present.
Please submit only sites dealing with historical content. Sites which cover a variety of topics on a particular tribe, or biographies of individuals, should be submitted to the appropriate category in Society: Ethnicity: Indigenous People: Native Americans: Tribes Nations and Bands.

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This category is for discussion of the various issues facing contemporary Native American Indians and suggestions for positive actions to take on those issues.

Please submit websites about specific Native American casinos to the more appropriate category under this branch of the directory.
For sites related to Native American Nations' dealings with governments and each other.
Please submit information regarding historical or modern legal and political actions and treaties.
Sites listed here are for news services, newspapers, books, magazines and e-zines, and journals that are sources of information related to the cultural aspect of the ethnicity rather than the geographic area.
Native American organizations' web sites
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Appropriate content areas include: 

  • Protection 
  • Advocacy
  • Youth and Family
  • Housing
  • Welfare
  • Health
  • Substance Abuse
  • Health
  • Employment Assistance


Sites related to specific Native American individuals, or groups of individuals.
Submissions may include historical figures, athletes, actors, etc. Artists, artisans, singers, and dancers should be listed under the appropriate topical category.
Includes links to sites related to sports resources focused on Native Americans, including but not limited to news and media, athletes and teams, history, and issues.
To add a site to this category, please first go and find the category for your tribe or nation. Then add your site. This category is for sites relevant to all tribes, nations or bands in North America. It is not for sites relevant to individual nations. For individual nations, click on the letter to find the nation.
There are three different kinds of political unions between different American Indian tribes.

1) Federations, where each tribe has (or had) its own leadership, but those leaders all answer to a greater federal government. The United States is such a federation. So is the Iroquois Confederacy. These federations belong in this category.

2) Intertribal organizations, where different politically distinct tribes convene to make treaties, deal with other nations, or achieve another goal. The United Nations is such an organization. So is the Assembly of First Nations. Please submit those organizations to Society/Ethnicity/Indigenous_People/Native_Americans/Organizations/Intertribal, even if they have "Federation" as part of their name.

3) Groups from originally distinct tribes who have banded together into a new nation with a single government. There are multiple ethnicities in France, but they all share the same country and government. Similarly, the Alabama-Coushatta, though they have two ethnicities, share a reservation and a single tribal government. Please submit these nations to Society/Ethnicity/Indigenous_People/Native_Americans/Tribes_Nations_and_Bands, even if they have "Federation" as part of their name.

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Sites to announce and forms to join Native American web rings.
Sites related to the lives of Native American girls and women.
Please submit information on womens'' groups, adolescent rites of passage, and the treatment of women. Sites about specific personalities should be submitted to