This category is for websites strictly concerning people who claim to be of more than one racial racial or ethnic background without adhering to one race or ethnic group moreso than any of the others.
this category is for sites concerning combinations of racial and ethnic groups, such as Asian-European. it is not for combinations of racial groups and nationalities, such as African American or Hispanics in Australia. they are not necessarily multiracial.

it is not for groups, which claim to identify with a particular race although having various racial backgrounds because they are still choosing one race.

This subcategory contains links to biracial and multiracial celebrities and historical figures of any racial combination.
The links in this subcategory are for discussion groups and forums related to multiracial and biracial individuals and families.
This category is for established, permanent forums and discussion groups related to biracial and multiracial individuals and families. Please do not add personal websites or temporary forums to this section. Many examples in this category will include forums of the type hosted by, Yahoo! Groups and or BBS style forums and discussion groups.
Geneological websites that discuss or preserve geneological and/or historical information on multiracial or biracial populations (e.g., Creoles, Melungeons, etc.)
News and media organizations and websites that either cover issues related to biracial and multiracial individuals.
State, provincial and local organizations that are either non-profit or not-for-profit that promote or advocate on behalf of biracial and multiracial issues.
Personal websites devoted or largely covering issues of interest to biracial and multiracial individuals.
Weblogs created by multiracial individuals or covering multiracial issues.