Ethnic groups which originate from the Middle East (also known as West Asia).
Please submit sites about the ethnic groups which originate from the Middle East. Please do not submit sites about groups which originate outside of this region.
Web sites dealing with Arabic history, culture, and language. Everything that defines the Arab identity of today. Our working definition of an "Arab" person is an Arabic language speaking person. Web sites with political, regional, commercial, or organisational themes are NOT going to be listed here. They may be listed in the categories under this category though.
This Category is for English sites about Assyrian culture, language, and history.

This category collects sites on Kurdish politics: politicians, parties and other organizations focusing on political topics and political issues.

Please do not submit:

Web sites dealing with Turks; their history, culture, and language.
There are three very closely associated directories that you may submit to. Please read this description carefully to decide which category is the most appropriate for your site. Sending your submission to the wrong site WILL slow down the approval process.

1. Society/Ethnicity/Turk- this category deals with Turks as a ethnic identity, their history and their culture.

2. Society/People/Expatriates/Turkish - This category lists sites that are targeted at, or talk about, the Turkish community living outside of Turkey.

3. Regional/Middle_East/Turkey/Society_and_Culture/Expatriate_Life - This category lists sites that are targeted at, or talk about, foreigners living in Turkey.