Asian Americans are people from China, Japan, Korea, Philippines, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Burma (Myanmar), Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, India, Pakistan, and Iran living in the United States.
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Organizations that are either non-profit or not-for-profit that promote Asian American issues such as health, community involvement, empowerment, and leadership.
Taiwanese North Americans are an often neglected ethnic group. Their ancestors come from Taiwan, yet because of restrictions (the White Terror) set by the longest lasting martial law in modern history, many of them don't identify as being Taiwanese American or Taiwanese Canadian, or don't know such categories exists. Yet Taiwanese Americans have their history, their culture, their organizations, which is very different from other groups, such as Chinese Americans. Taiwanese American camps (TAF, TAC, TAYL, TACL-LID) collegiate organizations (incl. ITASA, BITSA, TC), other organizations (NATMA, SOTA, TACL, to name a few), and a few community centers (San Diego, New York, Houston) help to tie this Taiwanese American community together.