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Please submit only sites dealing with African-American history. Sites dealing primarily with genealogy belong at Regional/North_America/United_States/Society_and_Culture/Genealogy/Ethnic/

Those dealing with the history of Africa belong at Society/History/By_Region/Africa/

Those selling items related to African-American ethnicity belong at Shopping/Ethnic_and_Regional/North_American/African_American/

Websites maintained by African Americans, or focusing on African Americans. African Americans are generally people who are classified as citizens of the United States, but also have aboriginal African ancestry. Sites about people born in Africa but living in the United States may also be listed here.
African-British is the term used to define people of African ancestry and British nationality.
Please submit sites about the Amazigh ("Berber") people here. Sites listed in this category must offer some information in English. Sites completely in French should be submitted to World: Français: Société: Peuples et communautés: Berbères. We also have a test category for sites written in Tamazight.

Sites about the Tamazight language, and Tamazight dictionaries, have their own categories elsewhere.

Information on the Amazigh people. The Imazighen have lived in North Africa for at least 4000 years. They are commonly called "Berbers," but that term is derived from the Greek word barbaroi (barbarians). "Amazigh" means "free people" in the Tamazight language.
Sites listed here are about the arts or folk arts of the culture. Contemporary arts that are generally world wide should not be listed. Instead send those to the appropriate category of Arts
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