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Please submit only memorials sites dedicated to children age 2 - 12.
Memorials to children.
Memorials dedicated to the crew of Space Shuttle Columbia who died in the accident on February 1, 2003.
The title of a website dedicated to an individual should be the individual''s name in the form ''family name, first names''.
Memorials to those killed by drunk drivers.
This category is specifically for Memorial sites created for individuals and small groups. Please submit to the appropriate alphabet letter according to last name.

Sites for memorial services should be submitted to Online Dedications
Listings will be categorized by:
1. Last name, first name.
2. In case last name is missing, first name.
3. If the site is for several friends, site's title will be used.

Please submit only memorial sites for babies lost after birth.
Memorial sites for babies lost after birth.
Memorials to those who have committed suicide.
Submit memorial sites for individuals 13 - 21.
Memorials to teens and young adults.
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