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Websites pertaining to death care should be very user friendly to the elderly, as they are the most likely to be using them. Things such as colors, text size, universally compatible to older browsers and computers, fast load time, etc. will be taken into strong consideration as factors regarding possible listings.
This category comprises establishments primarily engaged in preparing the dead for burial or interment and conducting funerals (i.e., providing facilities for wakes, arranging transportation for the dead, selling caskets and related merchandise). Also included are establishments primarily engaged in operating sites or structures reserved for the interment of human or animal remains and/or cremating the dead.
Please submit only a site in which to place memorial/obituary type information for a deceased loved one for no fee. If you are charging for your service, please submit it to Shopping .
This category has been created in order to assist internet users searching for information:

- on a site in which to place memorial/obituary type information for a deceased loved one,
- of a memorial/obituary nature listed for a deceased loved one,
- to assist memorial site operating staff and the general public to become familiar with the services now available in this new and developing category.

The Near Death Experience category has been established to provide links to the best sites which help explain and explore the phenomenon of the NDE. The main page is for those sites which provide the results of original research or original and profound theological insights which make the Near Death Experience more understandable. Additionally, there are a number of subcategories. One is for the home pages of near death experiencers, and a second for sites the primary emphasis of which is the compiling of anthologies of Near Death Experience accounts. A subcategory has been created for NDE authors with sites promoting their books, newsletters, speaking schedules, etc. There is a special category for The International Association for Near-Death Studies and its affiliated chapters. Another subcategory exists for interesting NDE articles found throughout the net and one for after-death communications. And lastly, a subcategory has been established for the NDE skeptics.
Newspapers and magazines with death related articles.
Submit sites related to suicide, including but not limited to, suicide in philosophy, religion, history, art and culture. As a rule of thumb if it is related to suicide, and you don''t have anywhere else to put it, then this is the place.

Support groups for suicide prevention should be listed under Health: Mental Health: Disorders: Suicide : Support Groups.

Sites which discuss the mental health issues around the topic of suicide, or which focus on suicide prevention in practice or in research (such as suicidology) should be listed under Health: Mental Health: Disorders: Suicide.

Sites which deal mainly with teen or youth suicide should be listed under Society: People: Teens: Suicide.

Sites which deal with Euthanasia should be listed under Society: Issues: End-of-Life: Euthanasia.

Sites with information for and about suicide survivors (people who have lost a friend of relative to suicide) should be listed under Health: Mental Health: Grief, Loss and Bereavement.

Support groups for suicide survivors should be listed under Health: Mental Health: Disorders: Suicide Support Groups.

This is the most general category related to suicide.

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