Serial killers are individuals who have a history of multiple slayings of victims who were usually unknown to them beforehand. Their crimes are committed as a result of a compulsion that often has roots in the killer's (often dysfunctional) youth, as opposed to those who are motivated by financial gain (e.g. contract killers) or ideological/political motivations (e.g. terrorists).
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16th Century Countess of Transylvania who killed over six hundred young women to improve her complexion and youthfulness.
David Berkowitz (1976-1977), a.k.a the 'Son of Sam' was reported to have killed six people in the New York area in the period 1966-67.
Ted Bundy, sometimes known as the 'Campus Killer', was thought to have killed roughly 27 young females in the period 1973-78. He was executed in the electric chair in January 1989.
William Burke (1792-1829) and William Hare (b. about 1792) murdered between 13 and 30 people in Edinburgh in 1827 and 1828. They sold the corpses to be used as cadavers. After they were caught, Hare turned King's Evidence and escaped the noose. Burke was hanged in January 1829.
Richard Trenton Chase, termed the 'Vampire Killer of Sacramento', claimed 6 lives in 1978, sometimes drinking the victim's blood. He was sentenced to death in the gas chamber at San Quentin Penitentiary, but in Christmas in 1980 he was found to have committed suicide in his cell.

This section is on the Serial Killer Andrei Chikatilo. Chikatilo was loose in Russia for over 12 years killing at least 52 children before being caught and sentenced to death.

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Christie murdered at least 6 women at his flat, 10 Rillington Place, in Yorkshire, England. Christie was hanged at Pentonville Prison in July 1953.
Perpetrator of the "Hog Trail Murders" who killed 6 men in Florida's Gulf Coast. Sentenced to death in 1999.
Cannibalistic killer who preyed on homosexuals, killing 17 in total. In 1992 Dahmer was sentenced to fifteen life sentences. He ended up being beaten to death by a fellow prisoner in the Columbia Correctional Institution.
Also known as the 'Boston Strangler', 'The Green Man', and 'The Measuring Man'. De Salvo killed approximately 13 women in the Boston area between June 1962 and July 1964.
Unemployed electrician from Belgium who abducted, tortured, and killed young girls. Also known as 'The Monster from Charleroi'.
Cannibalistic, masochistic killer, also known as the 'Moon Maniac', who preyed on young boys. Executed by electrocution in 1936.
The 'Killer Clown' murdered, raped, and tortured more than 30 young men, generally burying the bodies under his house. He was sentenced to death in 1980 and was killed in 1994 by lethal injection.
The 'Plainfield Ghoul' was suspected to have murdered and cannibalised at least 15 women. He adorned his house and body with female body parts. He was found insane, and died in Mendota Mental Health Institute in 1984.
Glatman posed as a photographer, and raped and murdered his subjects. He was put to death in San Quentin Prison in 1959.
In 1908 Belle Gunness enticed fourteen men to her farm in Laporte, Indiana, by promising them marriage. She robbed them, killed them, and later burned their bodies. Her cause of death is unknown.
Known as 'The Acid Bath Murderer' for disposing of his victims' bodies in vats of acid. After admitting to killing 8 people, he was executed in Wandsworth Prison in 1949.
The German killer was dubbed the Dusseldorf Vampire and was convicted of killing 9 people. He was executed by guillotine in Klingelputz prison in 1931.
Clifford Olson is one of Canada's most prolific serial killers. He murdered children and teenagers of both sexes in the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley regions of British Columbia from November 1980 until July 1981.
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"B.T.K." (for Bind - Torture - Kill) was active in the Wichita, Kansas, area. In February, 2005, Dennis Rader was arrested. In June, 2005, he confessed to the murders of ten people between 1974 and 1991.
Better known as the Green River Killer, Gary Ridgway plead guilty on 5 November 2003 to 48 murders in Washington State occurring between the early 1980s and the late 1990s.
Dr Harold Frederick Shipman was convicted of killing at least 215 people, possibly 260, while working as a general practitioner in Hyde, Greater Manchester, and Todmorden, West Yorkshire in the UK. He was given 15 life sentences in 2000, but committed suicide while in prison in January 2004.