This category contains sites which specialize in selling Posters in a variety of genres and categories. Artists selling original works as well as producing prints, should submit to the category for the medium the works are first produced in.

A Poster is an advertisement, generally printed on a large piece of paper, which is posted on a wall in a public place. This art medium comes from the ancient practice of "posting" messages in public places. used for advertising or other communication needs, posters were designed to communicate quickly and graphically. Posters are still used for that purpose today-movies, concerts, plays, and other public events, are all promoted with posters.

Submission Notice for Shopping: Visual Arts: Posters and Prints: Posters

Sites listed in this category will focus on selling posters in a variety of genres and categories. The site must be available in English.

Please be sure your site belongs in Shopping before suggesting it here. At minimum:

  • The primary focus of the site must be the selling of your artwork.
  • Prices must be available on the site.
  • The site must provide a way for a customer to purchase the items.

If the main purpose of the site is to display artwork or portfolios, please suggest the site in Arts/Visual_Arts/Galleries/Virtual/Posters_and_Prints