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This category includes sites of physical, real-world art galleries and virtual galleries where the primary focus is to sell the photography of multiple artists online. Individual photographers and single artist studios selling their work should be suggested to Shopping/Visual_Arts/Photography/Photographers.

Please be sure your site belongs in Shopping before suggesting it here. At minimum:

  • The primary focus of the site must be the selling of your artwork.
  • Prices must be available on the site.
  • The site must provide a way for a customer to purchase the items online.

Please review Shopping FAQ''s for further details.

If the Gallery does not offer online shopping, but displays the works of multiple photographers please suggest it to the appropriate subcategory in Arts/Photography/Art_Galleries

Galleries selling other forms of visual arts (i.e. paintings, drawings, sculptures) in addition to photography should suggest their site to a subcategory of Shopping/Visual_Arts/Galleries.

If your site is not in English, please submit it to the proper language category in World.

For the purpose of this category a Gallery is defined as either a brick and mortar structure or virtual collection of photographers with the purpose of offering online sales of the photographic prints. The shopping sites of individual artists and single artist studios belong in Shopping/Visual_Arts/Photography/Photographers.

Sites listed in this category will offer photographic prints for sale by individual photographers and single artist studios. Sites must be in English and must offer pricing information and a method to purchase photographic prints online.

Sites for physical, real-world art galleries and virtual galleries offering online sales for multiple photographers should be suggested to Shopping/Visual_Arts/Photography/Galleries.

If the main purpose of the site is the display of photographic works please suggest to the most appropriate subcategory in Arts/Photography/Photographers

Also, please see the main category requirements for Shopping/Visual_Arts/Photography

Sites listed here will offer photographic prints for sale by individual photographers and single artist studios. If the site can be defined as either a physical, real-world gallery or a virtual collection of photographers offering online sales of the work, please suggest the site to Shopping/Visual_Arts/Photography/Galleries.

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