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To avoid delay in listing, please review prior to submission.

Submit websites once to the most relevant category. Multiple submissions or careless submissions will slow the process.
Review the Shopping: Vehicles: Watercraft: Boats sub-topic descriptions to find the most appropriate category for submissions. Find the lowest level category appropriate to the site being submitted.

Descriptions should include specific information of the unique qualities and features of the site contents. Avoid advertising hype, overuse of capitalization, and emphatic punctuation. Do use the English language, proper grammar, and a spell-checker.

Affiliate sites, multiple URL''s for the same organization, and mirror sites are not desirable.

The ODP reserves the right to alter or replace a proposed description at any time at its sole discretion and editorial judgment.

Watercraft rental, repair and service shops, and local dealerships that do not offer online sales of boats will not be listed in this category. Please submit your site to the proper subcategory of Regional.

Manufacturer sites that don''t offer direct sales of products should be submitted to appropriate subcategories of Business: Industries: Manufacturing: Water Craft. Such sites will NOT be listed anywhere in Shopping: Vehicles: Watercraft: Boats.

Non-English sites should be submitted to the proper language in World. Non-English sites will NOT be listed anywhere in Shopping.

This category is for sites offering online sales of all types of boats.
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